Interest graph

Machine-readable semantic data that describes the unique and specific topics that your consumers truly care about.

Customizable sources

Web-scale content aggregation and filtering from any online source you trust.

Hosted in the cloud

Painless integration. No software to install. Connect from anywhere.

Open license

No walled gardens. No lock-in. Open and portable data.

Fast and easy

Reduce your development time from months to minutes. No data scientists required.


No cost to evaluate. Affordable plans for companies of all sizes.

Treat your users like individuals. They'll love you for it.

Primal powers a truly personalized experience for your users. Our cloud-based data service creates rich user-specific interest graphs. Primal then aggregates and filters Web content from any online source using your individual interest graphs. Our JSON output makes it easy to integrate Primal's interest graphs into your new and existing applications.

Use Cases

Personalized Content Feeds

Get up and running in minutes with a feed that's custom tailored to the unique interest of each of your users. Learn more …