Use Case: Personalized Content Feeds

The Problem

Digital media content that's targeted to individual users generates more revenue for publishers and a more tailored experience for consumers however doing so without intruding on your consumer's privacy or trust is difficult. Additionally, categorizing users is ineffective but alternatives are expensive and take a long time to implement.

The Goal

To create a personalized content feed for a publisher that is able to be implemented in any blog or digital media collection to design a better user experience.

Step 1: Create your interest graph

Need help understanding how to start your interest graph? See: How to train Primal's AI to understand your interests and our documentation.

Primal uses simple keywords as inputs, making it simple and intuitive. For example, if you're interested in Internet advertising and marketing, you might describe your interest using the following topics: Internet, advertising, marketing.

Create as many of these topics of interest as you like to express your own unique knowledge and perspective.

If you're using our data API directly, simply POST your topics of interest.


If you're using Primal on the Web, you can type this collection of keywords into your browser directly:;marketing

Here's how it looks if you're adding the topics via the Web app.

Primal's AI will take these inputs and generate your interest graph to power the personalized experience.

Step 2: Choose your content sources

Primal makes it easy to personalize the content sources you trust (including your own).

On the Web, simply navigate to Choose Content Sources (see screencap below). From there, you can add sources from our collection, or add your own websites and RSS feeds.

In the example below, since our example is Internet advertising and marketing, Primal content sources relevant to advertising, marketing, and technology were added. (Primal makes available hundreds of the most popular sources and you can easily add your own.)

If there's another website or RSS feed you want added, simply add it to your collection.

Step 3: Get your personalized content feed

Your interest graph and a collection of content sources are now tailored to your initial interest, Primal can deliver content items that are tailored to your individual interests.

Further, the content is now structured so that it can be measured for relevance to specific interests, as well as sliced and diced to meet individual requirements.

To get a personalized content feed that can be taken anywhere, simply use the same URL that you was just used to create the interest graph.

If you're using Primal's data service directly:


If you're using our Web app, you can type this same URL into your browser directly:;marketing

If you want to read your new personalized content feed in your favorite news reader, just click on the RSS icon at the top of the Web app to generate the feed.

From a selection of sources comprising hundreds and thousands of items, Primal used your interest graph to winnow it down to the handful of gems that best match your individual interests.

The personalized feed is presented below, presented in Feedly.


Using Primal, you can have your personalized content feeds up-and-running in a matter of minutes – not weeks and months. Its individually tailored to your interests, knowledge and expertise. And you won't have to compromise your consumer's privacy in order to provide them with more accurate results.